Frontmotion 5 Vista block access to Tools

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Frontmotion 5 Vista block access to Tools

Post by char » Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:53 pm


I've been looking through the various posts for this topic, but answers are either referring to adm files, mozilla.cfg or editing userchrome.css for WinXP.
The environment i'm using is Vista connected to a Windows Server 2008 domain. We currently use IE8, but due to new web based software we're moving to Firefox Frontmotion.
I want to disable access to the Tools menu (or the Options drop down menu) through group policy, as we do for IE. Server 2008 uses admx files rather than adm files, and when i convert the adm files to admx i get errors. I'm impressed with the many options in the admx file, however there doesn't appear to be one to disable Tools/Options.
Has anyone come across this or have any suggestions on what i need to edit or add to the admx file?

Thanks in advance

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