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Re: Firefox 8.0.1

Post by KoolFrank87 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:29 pm

KoolFrank87 wrote:
jpa wrote:Do you mean the new Add-on Controls check?

From an earlier DraconPern post and another source:

extensions.shownSelectionUI=true (disables addon disable on update check)
extensions.autoDisableScopes=11 (excludes appdir addons from autodisable checking on install)

The only results i get out of adding extensions.shownSelectionUI=true and changing autoDisableScopes=11 is the window changes theme/style.

Any thoughts?

Looks like I can hide the UI by using ("extensions.showMismatchUI", false) in pref\firefox.js.

I hope this helps others :-D

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