Include override.ini in msi?

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Include override.ini in msi?

Post by deebee » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:22 am


I'm a pretty long time user of FMFirefoxCE on our school network, and its brilliant; it gives the users some choice while retaining control over what they can do. Since day one however, I have always wanted to disable the import wizard for first-time runs on new users. They never have anything to import from IE as they are new users!
This can be accomplished by adding a file into the program files dir called override.ini and including a small preference to say don't run the import wizard.
This works fine but requires me to copy the override.ini in using a login script. More recently I have been creating transforms using ORCA to include the override.ini during install, but this is tedious, and I can't believe I'm the only person who doesn't want to run the import wizard on first run!
Is there any chance that override.ini could be included, even if blank, in the FMFireFoxCE MSI packages? It would make life a great deal easier when there are updates if we could just create the administrative install point and then just edit the blank override.ini to include disable the import wizard, I don't think it should do anything at all if its a blank file either, so it wouldn't stop the normal behaviour when starting FMFireFoxCE unless it was manually edited in the install point to do so.


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