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Bookmark Sync

Post by ZAck13 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:47 am


I am looking for a way to sync bookmarks in an enterprise environment. We don't want to use any of these sync servers. We only want one bookmark.html file synced via Network on DFS to all of our users.

One Solution I found is to use some old (but not obsolete) settings.

broser.places.importBookmarksHTML: true
browser.bookmarks.file: E:\example\example\example.html

These settings work for us but the problem is how to deploy (and config via GPO) the about:config string "browser.bookmarks.file" cause this option doesn't exist in the current versions of firefox - u have to manually add this string.

Is it possible to do that with MST or is there any similar and simple way to sync to bookmarks.

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