Firefox 13.01 to 17.01 and enable autoupdate

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Firefox 13.01 to 17.01 and enable autoupdate

Post by scopsm » Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:26 pm


1) Previously we had Frontmotion Firefox 13.01 msi installed and Updates disabled. Now we want to enable Updates automatically. I have downloaded and installed
Frontmotion Firefox 17.01 but Updates are still disabled.
How do I enable updates?

Also, I have a group policy set to Allow Update and Auto Update Firefox is enabled.

In Firefox, when I go to Tools Options and Update. Never check for Updates is ticked and greyed out.

2) Also, do we need to keep the name FrontMotion Firefox 17.01 on the Start Menu for running Firefox and the blue icon, or can I change this to Firefox 17.01 and have the standard Firefox icon. The new icon and name will confuse our users.

3) Also, there are 2 downloads at ... efoxce.htm
FMFirefoxCEESR-17.0.1-en-GB and FMFirefoxCE-17.0.1-en-GB
What is the difference?


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Re: Firefox 13.01 to 17.01 and enable autoupdate

Post by MonkeyBoy » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:12 pm

CEESR is the Extended Service Release version of Firefox. Firefox will continue releasing updates to 17 CESR until their next "milestone" release which at this point is 24. ESR helps websites not have to update their code every 3 months just because a new flavor of Firefox was released, nor have AD sites worry about their AD integration breaking every 3 months.

The other is a normal release of Firefox with integrated AD functionality. It will be replaced by 18.x, which in turn will be replaced by 19.x.

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