Firefox Packager and missing Addons

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Firefox Packager and missing Addons

Post by scott.queller » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:26 am


We have been using FrontMotion Firefox CE edition since version 10 here in our municipality. Recently we subscribed to the trial version for the Firefox Packaging service that allows the inclusion of up to 10 addons. With the MSI, we did a test install on a machine before deploying to the rest of our environment and it is unclear whether or not the addons made it through the install. The My Addons page does not show any of the addons packaged in the installer with the packaging service and it seems to be a completely standard install.

Is there something I may be missing as far as initializing the addons?

Also, it was installed over the older version of firefox on the machine in order to maintain bookmarks, however I am about to try a clean install on a different machine and see if that helps. Any help or advice will still be appreciated
** The clean install worked fine on the different machine so I think it may have had something to do with the new install retaining the old settings because the install directory wasn't completely deleted **

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