Popup blocker disabled, still blocking popups

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Popup blocker disabled, still blocking popups

Post by rendog131 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:45 am

I currently have FFCE 21 deployed to about 100 users. We are only using FF to go to certain websites. However, these websites do generate popups that we need to allow. I have tried to disable the popup blocker via the .adm template. It seems to work for a time but then after they have been using it for awhile it will start to block popups. If they close down FF and reopen it the popups are allowed again for a time. Here is a list of what I have set to try to allow all of the popups.

browser.popups.showpopupblocker disabled
dom.disable_open_during_load disabled
dom.popup_allowed_events enabled
dom.popup_maximum enabled (50)
privacy.popups.disabled_from_plugins enabled (0)
privacy.popups.policy enabled (1)

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening? Is there a setting that I am missing?

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