Boolean preferences they didn't exist doesn't get applied

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Boolean preferences they didn't exist doesn't get applied

Post by trockenasche » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:40 am

I found the misbehaviour that FMCE 31.x 32.x doesn't apply any boolean preference that didn't exist. I think FMCE 24.x doesn't applied as well, but I didn't need there.
For example

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extensions.checkCompatibility.31.0 = false

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extensions.shownSelectionUI = true
For testing extensions.checkCompatibility.31.0 I just created a registry entry next to the other entry that come from the GPOs.

Can anyone confirm that?

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Re: Boolean preferences they didn't exist doesn't get applie

Post by KEJones » Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:50 am

Hi trockenasche,

I can confirm this one is happening for me too :( .

DraconPern - I've tried with the latest ESR version (FMFirefoxCEESR-31.3.0-en-GB.msi) on Win 7SP1 x86 and x64. Integer settings (dword in the policy keys) are definitely not getting applied as locked settings unless the preference is set/created elsewhere (eg greprefs.js). Interestingly enough, if you intentionally set a preference with the wrong type and override it with a matching named GPO/ADMX entry, the preference is set as locked down even though the value is not updated/updateable to the value set in the GPO. That might also need a tweak but I'm not sure which setting should win (probably the GPO setting :)).

[Edited to add something else]. I am slightly perturbed by the ADMX file storing "boolean" values as Dwords, is there some conversion going on or does FF understand 0/1 as true/false natively and not care?

[Edited after reading documentation]. Doh! ... ADM/ADMX files don't support REG_Binary or anything useful to discriminate between integer and boolean. I can see why booleans are stored as integers now :)



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