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Disable ability to add extensions, addons and themes.

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:26 am
by mikester1980
Hi Folks

I'm looking to deploy Firefox CE via GP, tested and works fine. I've also tested the user ADM for locking down proxy settings and a few other options available in the template, again works great. One thing that would finalise the package would be to lock the addons, extensions and themes. The package will be deployed to students so it's important we lock this down to prevent any potential malicious or security vulnerable addons.

I've tested a lot of the options in the Computer ADM template but as yet have been unable to stop a standard user applying addons. I'd rather do this via ADM if possible, making a direct change to the package means any future changes would require the package to be edited or new config files added to the station. Having around 80-90 schools means this would be a more complex task than just editing the GP.

Could anyone confirm if this is possible with the latest version of FirefoxCE. Any examples of custom made ADM's or or existing that work. It could be that I'm not selecting the correct option but I did spend time looking over the large computer list. I did find options that I thought would work but they so far have not.

Any help or further information would be much appreciated.

Mike R

Re: Disable ability to add extensions, addons and themes.

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 6:05 am
by MHX

This is a very old thread, it is the only one I just found for the very same task that I now have: Restricting installation of addons using GPOs.

I haven't done that much research by now, so I'd like to know if someone was able to do this via GPO (blacklist, whitelist, ...)?

Firefox 59.0.2 currently in deployment.