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FM Firefox 38.4.0 - high CPU and memory leak when username includes a symbol

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:38 am
by mrtn

In version Firefox 38.4.0 CEESR (en-US), if Windows user name (user profile name) includes a symbol like "." (dot, etc), then firefox process has a memory leak (memory usage increases about 5MB per second) and CPU is 100%.
If this user (user name includes a symbol) opens a Firefox 38.4.0 (esr) - firefox.exe process is using 100% CPU and memory usage increases fast (~5MB per second) until it crashes (user "admin.2" in attachment fmff-2.png). It doesn't matter what webpage is opened.
Under user who has no symbols in his username, this is not happening and firefox.exe process runs as expected (see user "admin1" in attachment fmff-1.png).

Now, when I install Mozilla Firefox ESR 38.4.0, same happens until I delete user Firefox profile in user appdata\Roaming. When I delete it and start again Mozilla Firfeox, firefox.exe process is running as expected (see attachments ff-1.png and ff-2.png).
Again, when I uninstall Mozilla Firefox and install Frontmotion Firefox CEESR 38.4.0, same happens - firefox.exe process under user with "." has massive memory leak and CPU is 100%.
So seems something is wrong with Frontmotion Firefox 38.4.0 user profile? Because when I install Mozilla Firefox same version AND when I delete Firefox user profile, everything is OK.

Can you tell me what is wrong with FrontMotion Firefox CEESR 38.4.0 and its user profile that causes this behavior with user whose name includes a symbol? And how can this be fixed?

P.S. This happens even if no configuration is made - just clean install of FM Firefox.
P.S.2 My colleague told that same anomaly was with FrontMotion Firefox 31.3.0.

Please help!

Re: FM Firefox 38.4.0 - high CPU and memory leak when username includes a symbol

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:07 am
by mrtn

I figured out what causes the problem but I don't have a solution or not a good workaround for this.
Problem was with one extension (our national smartcard extension for Firefox) and when the new user profile is being generated, extensions.ini file includes information about this extension:
Extension0=C:\Program Files (x86)\Estonian ID Card\Firefox PKCS11 Loader

And based on this file, secmod.db is also generated - these two files (extensions.ini and secmod.db) are causing firefox.exe process to use 100% CPU and increasing memory usage. When I delete this problematic line from extensions.ini file and when I delete secmod.db file - if I run Firefox again, the new secmod.db file is generated under user profile and firefox.exe process runs as normal (now high CPU or memory leak).

So have you any idea how to fix this situation because Mozilla Firefox ESR 38.4.0 doesn't have this problem (in extensions.ini file it generates - there aren't this line Extension0=C:\Program Files (x86)\Estonian ID Card\Firefox PKCS11 Loader, that causes the problem, however this extension is installed and computer configuration is exactly the same).