FrontMotion CEESR.msi naming for Custom Search vs Normal Search

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FrontMotion CEESR.msi naming for Custom Search vs Normal Search

Post by evilsurfincow » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:44 am


I've noticed recently when I visit the download link ($) to get FMFF CEESE its split into two sections where the top half is for browsers with the custom search and the bottom half is for the standard search. I don't always get the two options or the banner at the top stating which is which and am now having trouble trying to figure out which version I have. (When I downloaded it the first time there was only 1 option. Downloaded that. Next time went back, there are 2 options. Selected the option I wanted. Returned later and its back to 1 version).

As I was writing this I was unable to replicate the issue but now after several attempts I can. In 2 different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) going to ... sr-52-0-1/ ... sr-52-0-1/

in 2 different browsers returns 2 different layouts. While I can replicate this is Chrome at the moment, I'm its happening in FF too as I look at my FF download history and show 2 different URL's for 52.0.1. ... -en-US.msi ... -en-US.msi

The one located in -a path looks like the one with the custom search (at least comparing this to the paths of the older versions which consistently show 2 download options)

Would it be possible to name the custom search msi different than the standard search option so you can differentiate them by filename? In scenarios like this where the page (for me) is alternating between 1 version and 2 on the page it would make it a lot simpler to know which version I'm getting.

It would also help make sure those who want the custom version get the custom version, whiles those who don't, don't as its immediately visible which one you have by looking at the file name.

Also curious why the page varies between 2 layouts?
(also to note the layout has again reverted back to only 1 option and verified this is happening in both FF and Chrome so it does appear the page does change)


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