FMFF CEESR Download Page Alternates Between 2 Layouts

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FMFF CEESR Download Page Alternates Between 2 Layouts

Post by evilsurfincow » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:51 am


I originally included this comment in "FrontMotion CEESR.msi naming for Custom Search vs Normal Search" post, but making a separate thread due to the odd behavior.

The download page for FM Firefox (example: ... sr-52-0-1/)is alternating between one layout that gives you two browser options (Custom or Regular Google Search) and one layout that does not specify which version it is. I can confirm this is happening across multiple browsers, multiple computers, multiple internet connection so it appears to me at least that the content being served gets changed since the page displays the same across all devices at the same time. When the layout reverts to the other, its then visible across all the same devices as well.

Attached is a screenshot taken of what this looks like. Any idea what is going on?
2 layouts.png
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