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FMFirefoxCE v74, v75, v76 ignore GPO settings

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 3:41 am
by MHX
FMFirefoxCE-76.0.1-de ignores our GPO settings, for example security.enterprise_roots.enabled.
Previous version 72.0.2 works fine (and more older versions).

New info since my previous message above:

The GPO settings do not work (they get not applied) since FMFirefoxCE v74.

I tested negative:
1) FMFirefoxCE-74.0.1-de.msi
2) FMFirefoxCE-76.0.1-de.msi
3) FMFirefoxCE-76.0.1-en-US.msi

If I install older versions, GPO settings get applied as it should, it works fine:
1) FMFirefoxCE-73.0-de.msi
2) FMFirefoxCE-72.0.1-de.msi
3) any older version

With v74 something happened which results in not working GPO settings, meaning that we cannot update Firefox in our environment.

Does it still work for you? Am I the only one (I cannot believe that.)

Re: FMFirefoxCE v74, v75, v76 ignore GPO settings

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:56 am
by visir
We use FMFirefoxCEESR and we had similar problem. We found that version 68.8 started using original Moziilla ADMX.....