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Frontmotion Firefox opens blank tab

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:24 pm
by Librarian Aaron
I've testing a deployment of Frontmotion Firefox CE 2.0 using Group Policy and I have the homepage set to open 2 tabbed websites, but instead 3 tabs open with the first always blank.

This was happening with "FMFirefoxCE-2.0-en-US.msi" deployed and configured Firefox homepage using the 1.4 version of mozilla.adm and firefox.adm templates. The homepage setting using the mozilla.adm "browser.startup.homepage" or the firefox.adm "General Settings" results in the blank tab.

I've upgraded to "FMFirefoxCE-" which didn't fix the problem.

Has anyone else encountered this? What's the trick to getting rid of the blank tab?

~ Librarian Aaron