Problem with users when using deployed Firefox

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Problem with users when using deployed Firefox

Post by Montano5 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:25 pm

Hello to all!

First sorry for my bad english, that's not my mother language and some technical words are missing :)

I've deployed Firefox without problem on my network using your modified msi. Everything works like a charm.
There is just a little problem. I have "travelling users" using different computers. They got a profile made with Active Directory and they retreive on each computer they log in their own documents.

Now I have deployed Firefox, when they log, Firefox ask them to transfer Internet Explorer settings as it do at the first time. That's ok. But if they log again, Firefox still ask for the transfer as they never used it. And again and again each time they log.

It's like Firefox doesn't record anything about users.

They have rights to records things on hard drive (it's masked but access is authorized) and they have a network profile with their own documents hosted on the server. Is there a way to configure Firefox to host .ini files or setup config on hosted profiles? So users may make changes one time only and retreive it on any computer they log in ?

Thank you for your answers !


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