Can You Disable All downloading in mozilla.adm?

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Can You Disable All downloading in mozilla.adm?

Post by jgriffin » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:13 pm

I am a systems support engineer and i happen to stumble upon this fix for fire fox and active directory, but i was wondering if there was a way i can disable any kind of downloading from the fire fox browser. My organization is still using ie6 because we are trying to stay away from the nightmare that is ie7 and ie8. but, unfortunately certain websites that some of my users need to use on a daily basis are not supporting ie6 anymore and therefore not functioning properly. The way we have our policy setup now with ie6 is such that all downloading is blocked and when a user needs to download from a certain website after we o.k. it we add the webiste to the site to zone assignment list (e.g computer configuration/internet explorer/internet control panel/security page/site to zone assignment list) to allow downloading. Now i know there is no way to have that kind of setup with fire fox so i would like disable all downloading from fire fox so that way when a user needs to access a site that is no longer supporting ie6 he can use firefox and when the user needs to download something from a particular website i can tell him to use ie6 and i can add the website to the site to zone assignment list. sorry for the long post. hopefully there is a way to diasable the downloading and someone comes back to me with how to do it. Thanks in advanced.

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