Qeustion Policy's FireFox (Enabled & Disabled)

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Qeustion Policy's FireFox (Enabled & Disabled)

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Im new to this forum so if im doing anything wrong just tell me.

Here's my qeustion:

After enabling a policy like General settings or Homepage i would fill in for example www.yourwebsitehere.com, it actualy works and changes the website on Firefox settings when i reset the computer.

But when i want it back to default (so no homepage filled in) i disable the policy or use not configured but when the computer is rebooted it still keeps the settings i filled in instead of going back to default. (default is for me the standard page firefox uses in the beginning)

The weird thing is if i look at the policy's after rebooting there is nothing enabled but firefox still uses the settings from when it was enabled.

Im not English so if the sentences doesnt make sense im sorry :|.

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