Prevent users from installing undesired add-ons

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Prevent users from installing undesired add-ons

Post by Viper » Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:33 pm

Hello everybody,

I´ve installed frontmotion firefox 3.5.3 and the mozilla.adm

Now I have a question on the group policy control of frontmotion firefox:

Is is possible to enable some kind of whitelist, which RELIABLY STOPS a user to download firefox add-ons from pages in the internet, that are not listed on this predefined whitelist? I have tested to lock down undesired websites by activating the following options via GPO:

Mozilla Advanced Options --> Locked Settings --> xpinstall

1) xpinstall.whitelist.required = enabled

2) xpinstall.whitelist.add = (e.g), ...

I also switched app.update.autoUpdate and app.update to "enabled".

Unfortunately it is still possible to install add-ons (like yahoo toolbar e.g.) from different (NOT WHITELISTED) websites.
The only difference with enabling these options is a litte message with a control button that is shown in the upper space of firefox when a user
tries to install add-ons from domains, that are not on the whitelist (see attached screenshot). After klicking on the button of this message the installation of add-ons from ANY webpage is possible again.

Could you please give me a hint where I´ve made mistakes? Is there perhaps another way to hinder users from installing add-ons
from websites that are not allowed by the whitelist?

Thanks for your help!! :)
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