Problem with Tab Mix Plus add-on in Packager ?

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Problem with Tab Mix Plus add-on in Packager ?

Post by CGirardy » Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:20 am

Hi DragonPern,
As you know, I'm building all my packages with the Tab Mix Plus add-on included but lately, even if selected, it's not installed when I install the MSI package.

In this example you fixed lately (but it's also true for whatever language I'm installing), I don't have the Tab Mix Plus add-on installed when I deploy the MSI package on my computers :
Firefox version: Firefox-3.6.3
Language: en-US

* adblock_plus-1.1.3-fx+sm+tb+fn.xpi
* adblock_plus__element_hiding_helper-1.0.6-fx+sm+tb.xpi
* coral_ie_tab-1.83.20100316-fx+sm-win.xpi
* dictionnaire_fran__ais___classique___r__forme_1990__-3.5-fx+tb+sm.xpi
* downthemall!-1.1.9-fx+sm.xpi
* forecastfox-
* foxclocks-2.5.46-fx+tb+sb+sm.xpi
* gpo_for_firefox-0.7-fx-win.xpi
* searchbar_autosizer-1.4.5-fx.xpi
* tab_mix_plus-

Can you please check this for me ?
Thanks in advance

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