installing XPIs with AD installation of Frontmotion

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installing XPIs with AD installation of Frontmotion

Post by ijdu » Mon May 24, 2010 1:25 am

Hi folks,

I'm looking for some suggestions on the best method for installing a set of XPIs with Frontmotion.

My current setup installs from an admin install of Frontmotion - I've tried adding the XPIs packed or unpacked to the extensions folder in firefox (not the user profile extension folder - though i've tried that too) with no luck. everything else installs fine, but the XPIs or the unpacked extension folders (either way) are not copied over after the Group Policy install.

I can put a line in the login script to manually copy these extensions over, but i'd much rather they're installed when Firefox is upgraded.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?



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