Bugged custom actions

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Bugged custom actions

Post by Ifan » Wed May 16, 2012 5:26 am

Thanks for a great product, but i've been having some issues for a while now.

Both the RestoreIExplore and FixIExplore custom actions are bugged in the Norwegian Bokmål version of FmFFCe with Norwegian Windows 7.
I have gone through install-logs and done som testing, and every time one of those custom actions is run, internet explorer 8 notices it's not the default browser any more and notifies the user (even though it still is - and supposed to be). This happens after a clean install after the FixIexplore CA is called, and during uninstall when the RestoreIExplore CA is called. Disabling the custom actions fixes the issues, but then IE won't be restored as default browser after uninstall.
The Set default browser feature is not enabled.

This issue has persisted since we started using FmFFCe (Version 3.5). If i remember correctly this happens due to wrong registry values beiing set to restore iexplore.
If you need any more information/logs/remote control, let me know.


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